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110 East Houston Street 7th Floor
San Antonio, TX, 78205
United States


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Hi friends! We are Liz and Garrett, owners of 5050 Photo Booth and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate with you! Since 2015 we have enjoyed making each event we attend an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Our booths combine the best of each of our passions, photography, technology, and design. Whatever your vision is for your event, we can make it happen!

Owners of 5050 Photo Booth San Antonio and Austin


Photography has always been a natural extension of Liz's creative mind. Her eye for style and impeccable attention to detail are what drives the awesome content at 5050 Photo Booth. After completing her Bachelors in Fine Art Photography from Texas State, she hit the ground running and helped grow 5050 Photo Booth to what it is today. When she's not creating her next idea, you'll find her curled up with a book, hiking with her hubby and their pups, or rummaging through the nearest vintage shop.


Prior to jumping in to photography and photo booths, Garrett was deeply rooted in the tech industry. He made the decision to leave the corporate world when he found his calling as an entrepreneur with his wife Liz. Garrett's passion is bringing the latest tech and coolest features to his clients' events. When he's not tinkering with the next project, you'll find him outdoors with their pups, sitting in a kayak, or by the water with a fishing pole in his hands.